The 5-Day Reading Breakthrough (October 16‑20, 2023)

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  1. It has been great to review and get motivated to get back to using the program. I work in gen ed, however my students reading levels range from high to intensive. I have ELL’s and autistic students. I am looking forward to seeing their progress, currently I have 10 in the intensive intervention and I am hoping to have them move up in their groups. Super excited about starting this program again.

  2. I had no students last week but was inspired by the 5-day breakthrough sessions. I just finished writing lesson plans for 2 of the 3 students I am tutoring at The Children’s Dyslexia Centers of Upper Wisconsin-Superior. I’ve convinced my Center director that I can progress more quickly with the RS Streamlined Pathway than with the CDC scope & sequence. One of my students should be in 5th or 6th grade but has been “unschooled” at home. When I started working with him in June he knew all of the letters and sounds but could not read any words. He’s now reading decodable readers with CCCVCC and VCe words, including multi-syllable and compound words. I am starting tomorrow with the 1st Grade Pathway reviewing short vowels and introducing /ar/ & /or/.
    My second student has come through the public school system and is in 6th grade. She tested below 1st grade reading level on the Snapshot assessment. She too knows all the letters and sounds, but cannot read. I am starting her with short vowel review at the Kinder level and we will do some intensive Re-Reading; Switch It, Read It; Write It and Guided Reading to try to gain at least a bit of confidence and fluency before moving into R-Controlled and long vowel sounds.

    1. Wow, Kathy! I love that you can confidently work with these students AND that your director is letting you use Reading Simplified materials! Many of my students were like yours – knowing sounds but just couldn’t put them together! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This has been a great refresher and motivation to get back to the course with the academy. I look forward to the progress students in my care will make with the strategies reading simplified offers to accelerate learning. Accelerating is sooooo important for all children and even more vital for the children I work with that are in grades 4, 5, and 6. All the best to everyone out there working so passionately on behalf of struggling readers!

  4. Thank you for the 5 Day Reading Breakthrough. I have a monthly subscription and it was a little tricky to see how everything worked with the different tabs, etc. I was distracted with beginning of fall activities but with the 5 Day, I am on track now and working my way through the RS Academy.

  5. A new 2nd grade student joined our class last week with very little English(speaks Dari) and I decided to try Build It with him. He is not with me for small group instruction, so I am squeezing it in during 10 minutes before the day begins, alternating with handwriting. He made so much progress segmenting sounds and identifying short a by the 4th word. I am going to try Switch -It tomorrow.

  6. Worked with 4th graders today. I saw the same thing with 4th that I did with 3rd yesterday. Students having difficulty with the sounds. I made the mistake of giving each student all cards to cut out and keep in the desk. I need to it narrow it down like I did the letter tiles we used on previous days. With this hurdle removed, I think I will begin to see great growth with these students! I am excited to move forward and see them bloom!

    1. Switch It is such a powerful tool for you to see what students know (and don’t know)! I’m glad you’re set now with the tiles. If you have time for future groups, it may help to do the cutting yourself with a paper cutter. (A good amount of prep, but then you’re set and can hit the ground running!)

  7. Switch It has been a great tool for a student that didn’t know any letter or sounds. He struggled in the beginning but was able to do the activity using most of the letters. I gave him only six which included two vowels. I focused on the first half of list 1a. He was successful and enjoyed the activity. Looking forward to tomorrows time with him.

  8. The group I am working with no the letter sounds but they are unable to blend.
    You give them the word fib, they will sound out correctly and then tell you step or some other crazy answer. We blend it again and I just get another random word.

  9. I started at the beginning with Level 1, list 1. My first grade student struggled a bit with digraph sounds and initially with switching the vowel but improved with practice. Will practice digraph sounds more tomorrow before we practice Switch It again.

    1. Those vowels and digraphs can be tricky for them. We like to use digraphs right away so that they are not too foreign for them later. Vowels can be hard to discern. Having students focus on the mouth formation can be an added support. I like using a mirror and having them see what short i vs short e look and feel like. You can ask where the tongue, teeth, lips are for each.

  10. I’m using the Switch-It with two different groups this week. The first group are the 2 students I mentioned yesterday. The second group is 10 students in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade who scored very low in our FastBridge screening and have an Intensive Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Intervention Plan. I use letter sound magnetic tiles, so it has all the digraphs, vowel teams, etc. I have their whiteboards already set up for them with the letters we’ll be using from the List. Tomorrow we will finish CVC Level 4, List 11d, and move on to List 12. They need more work with using ar / or. One particular student has a very hard time differentiating sounds and the Switch-It has been extremely beneficial for him. When he touches the tiles and segments each sound, he’s now starting to see and correct his own error. Today when building a word with “ar” he was looking for the “r” tile, then realized that “r” didn’t spell /ar/, it was /r/ and that his word needed a vowel sound in the medial position. He made the corrections on his own, without me guiding him.

  11. I am a retired teacher and will soon be starting tutoring with a couple of students. Last year when I worked with students I did an activity with my students that was similar to switch it but not nearly as well though out as what Marnie has been demonstrating. Since I am not yet working with students. I am trying to prepare for my first meeting with student. I looked over the assessment information and plan to start with that, I have the letter card prepared and will plan to do what Marnie showed in the day one video building some words to see how my students do.

    1. Sounds like your previous experience is going to help you with tutoring. I was a teacher, too, and now I tutor students who struggle with reading/spelling. Sounds like you’re prepped well for when you start working with students. It can be helpful to practice with a volunteer – could be a friend or family member who is willing to be a “student.”

  12. I have a 1st grade student who struggles with speech. Switch it helps her to add the end of words, instead of saying ca she is now saying cat when reading.

    1. Finding that sweet spot takes a little bit… it won’t hurt for you to try a more advanced list if you think they can handle it. My students often surprise me by being able to work on those higher levels before I think they’re ready.

  13. Using with 2 different students 1-1. Both in the 1st Grade Streamlined Pathway. One just finished sounds /ar/ and /or/, other one starting /ee/. Will try to start learning sounds with a 3 year old child as in the video presented on Day 1.

  14. Assessed two middle school students, grade 7. Started Switch It on level one to introduce and become familiar with activity and then switched to level 3 to build confidence. Plan on moving to next level tomorrow.

  15. Assessed third graders this morning. Starting Switch It with them during intervention time today. List 2a is where we started. Very interesting to see where they need assistance with sounds.

    1. That’s great! Working in small groups tends to be the best way to work with the whole class. For a neat demonstration, you could have students hold up big tiles, though. Each child is a different grapheme. 🙂 They walk up to the front of the room (or wherever…)

  16. I will work with a third grade boy who doesn’t get the vowels sounds. He is an ELL, German being his main language. The vowels in German are not the same, and this really confuses him when trying to decode. I think the CCVC word lisst would be a good start. If not, I can go back.

  17. I’m watching on YouTube. Will replays also be on YouTube? I am not a FB fan and don’t prefer to make an account. How can this work for those of us who choose not to use Facebook?

  18. I had a similar issue as Mary. I have an account from a couple of years ago. I signed up for this to refresh my memory on how it all works. When I clicked on the link sent in the email, it sent me to my account but it stated the training was closed and I was not enrolled. 🙁

  19. I will be working with a 3rd grader who is only achieving fluency at the 3rd percentile for passage reading fluency (11 words per min), 5th percentile for reading comprehension text set, and 9th percentile for vocabulary fluency at grade level. He is assessed to be working at a 1st grade, 6month reading level. I am eager to work with this sweet boy and will be starting with the CVCC list.

    1. How wonderful that you can work with this 3rd grader! Before his fluency can increase, he will need that sound/symbol association which Switch It helps with. Other Reading Simplified activities help, too. I’ve had students gradually build their fluency – once blending and decoding have developed. It’s great to hear that you have a plan!

  20. I am really excited to get started!!! I have really enjoyed your “3 Activities” workshops and am looking forward to more. Thank you for doing this !

  21. I always knew someone would take the “big view” and figure out a way to teach the sounds of the English Language that would give power to everyone to unlock the trail to Reading! Marnie has done this with confidence and kindness and deep understanding of how this all works! No more ten minute this and ten minute that and chopped up tidbits that kids don’t get and that drive teachers crazy with stress. This is a way to succeed in your profession! Sincere Thanks, Ann

    1. What a beautiful and encouraging testimony, Ann! It’s so true! Having a program that makes sense and works quickly is like gold – to the teachers/educators, but especially the students! Thanks for those sincere and heartwarming words!

    1. Hi Mary, I reached out to our tech guru and the course is showing closed to you because you aren’t registered yet. If you scroll up, you should see a link to “register” for this workshop. Also, on the home page under Events, a button appears there inviting members to click to register instantly. The button goes away when members are registered.

      If this doesn’t work for you, please reach out to our tech support via the help widget in the lower right corner. Thanks for both your persistence and patience as we navigate new technology!